onc_logo400x250The following is based on an overview of the Oregon Nordic Club (ONC) compiled in 2006 for the 40th anniversary of the organization.

History of the Organization

The Oregon Nordic Club was organized and officially incorporated on Dec. 20th, 1966 by founding members Robert Huff, Medford,OR; Dan Bulkley, Phoenix,OR; William Pruitt, Grants Pass,OR; and John S. Day, Central Point,OR; for the purposes of:

  1. To provide a means whereby its members may cooperate in the enjoyment of outdoor recreation.
  2. To promote greater participation in and understanding of the values of outdoor recreation with emphasis on ski touring and other winter snow sports.
  3. To do anything deemed advisable by the membership or it’s Board of Directors which may be legally done by an Oregon Nonprofit Corporation.

This form of organization was selected in order to legally protect individuals of the club and to provide a useable vehicle for carrying out the interests of a widely spread (geographically) group of people. We have articles of incorporation and By-laws that govern our actions.

In 1991 the Oregon Nordic Club was duly registered as a non-profit 501c3 corporation with the IRS and the State of Oregon. As such, it follows the same laws, and operates like any other non-profit corporation.

Chapter Programs

ONC has chapters throughout the state, several of which host a website and calendar of activities, programs and events as well as newsletters.  The main ONC website and gateway to the chapters is http://www.ONC.org/.  ONC chapters have organized group tours and overnight outings locally throughout the state as well as outside the country.  Each chapter has a list of acheivements and projects that they maintain on an annual basis.  The Club thanks all the volunteers who contribute their time and muscle power to making our activities safe and enjoyable.  Twq ONC chapters provide ski trail grooming operations on forest service and BLM lands supported by donations and member volunteers.

  1. Blue Mountain Nordic Chapter – Meacham Divide Nordic Area near LaGrande
  2. Southern Oregon Nordic Chapter – Buck Prairie and Hyatt Lake

ONC also maintains memberships in other related organizations, including:

  • PNSA – Pacific Northwest Ski Association
  • OEC – Oregon Environmental Council
  • ODOT – Oregon Department of Transportation – we have a rep on the snow-park committee

Management Structure

Oregon Nordic Club Incorporated consists of the general membership of dues paying members. The main responsibility of the general membership to the corporation is to elect the board of directors to carry out the club’s business.

The board of directors is the decision making body of the club. The authority of the board to make decisions is given by the general membership in the act of electing them to the state representative position and through directives formulated at chapter business meetings and at the annual club meeting following our Spring end-of-season John Craig Wilderness Event/Race celebration. The board meets times a year,. The board elects its own officers and transacts the club business at three regular meetings throughout the year, in the Fall, Winter, Spring.