Ski with the Blind
Mar 6 @ 9:30 am – Mar 7 @ 12:00 am
Ski with the Blind @ Teacup Lake Nordic Center | Oregon | United States

Ski with Washington State School for the Blind (WSSB) at 11th Annual Winter Happening/9th Annual XC Ski days @ Teacup Lake Nordic Center! This XC Ski event is a real character and confidence builder for the WSSB students. For some students who have never been on skis until that 1st Tuesday morning it is amazing how quickly some grasp XC Skiing. Those who volunteer to help will be amazed at the students progression of skiing ability and confidence, which builds more self confidence and more self esteem !

  • Dates & Times: Tuesday, March 6, 9:30 AM – 3PM; Wednesday, March 7, 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM
  • Objective: Provide the WSSB students a safe, fun experience they might never ever have again…and provide returning students with more fun to improve there XC ski skills !
  • Student Benefits: Enables students to gain more confidence, self esteem and more social interaction.
  • Educational Benefits: Enables students to learn about natural sciences and/or wildlife from USFS seminar by Wildlife Biologists, Geologists, Foresters & other professionals.
  • WSSB Students: We have about 35 students committed to date for the XC ski event. About 20 will be 1st time XC skiers. We might even have 40 students which is the maximum we can handle for this 2 day overnight event. WE really need a minimum of 45 volunteers per day. If we actually have 40 students we will require a minimum of 50 Volunteers.

Volunteer Registration: Please advise Richard Fay (e-mail ) ASAP if you are able to Volunteer. WSSB approved Volunteer approval process:

  • 2017 Volunteers who were approved by the WSSB DO NOT NEED to fill out any forms. You are approved.
  • New Volunteers are required to fill out the WSSB Volunteer forms. They are standard legal Volunteer forms schools and organizations require. The forms have been streamlined from 2016. You no longer need to provide your SSN. The forms can be accessed through the WSSB website Once on website, go to the SCHOOL dropdown on top center; go to Volunteer/Recreation; go to Volunteer Application (PDF). Please complete forms and send to WSSB address provided on the form.
  • If You have any question please contact me, Richard Fay, or Adrienne Fernandez, WSSB at 360-947-3290.
  • Volunteer Training: If You need to be trained, or retrained if you like, Please contact me, Richard Fay to set up a time. I am retired so am flexible with times. The training process is a 90 minute Indoor training at my West Linn home and 90-100 minutes on-snow training at Teacup Nordic Club trails, once we have snow! The Indoor training covers a 12 minute OPB OFG 2013 video; Overview of Program & Volunteer Guidelines; role playing if needed. The Outdoor training covers how to introduce WSSB student to skiing; how to maneuver on skis, trails, change direction, etc. The purpose (of training volunteers) is to enable people how to interact with a blind or visually impaired person, especially a child. Some of the kids are a little nervous, a little reticent, and some of the volunteers are the same way. Everybody’s a little bit nervous. The training helps to put Volunteers more at ease.

Timing: PLEASE advise ASAP if are able to Volunteer and the days You can Volunteer. If You are a past Volunteer and know You cannot Volunteer, PLEASE also advise me and I will take You off the 2017 distribution. Again, the sooner You can commit, either way, will helps us determine how many WSSB students can attend the XC Ski event.

Thank You so much in advance for your participation and commitment to volunteer to help the WSSB students have another great XC Ski event. The event builds self-confidence and self esteem for the students not to mention the benefits the volunteers experience.