These XC ski trails include tours of varying length and difficulty. Skill level ratings are:
A – Easy: A need for basic skills and the traversing of a few miles on largely level terrain.
B – Intermediate: Entry level backcountry, distances extend to 10+ miles, moderate hills are encountered and the accumulated elevation gain for the trip can exceed 1000 feet
C – Advanced: Trips add elevation gain, frequent steep terrain and extended time “on the skis”.
D – Expert: Backcountry and high terrain skiing. D is best described as professionally challenging with substantial difficult terrain and long distances entailed.

Trip descriptions, maps and trip reports are not intended to provide adequate information for independent travel, and ONC does not recommend such use of the information on this site. Many of the trails shown are in backcountry areas and are unmarked and unpatrolled. Navigation in winter conditions can be surprisingly difficult. Thoughtful consideration should be given to the advantages of making trips with experienced group leaders who have local knowledge of terrain and snow conditions.

The aim of our tours is to have enjoyably challenging experiences along with other skiers on winter backcountry ski trips. Since there is inherent risk in what we do, it is the responsibility of each of us to participate in a thoughtful and intelligent way, matching the trips we participate in to our skill level, and using each trip as an opportunity to improve our skiing and navigation skills and our ability to assess snow safety conditions.

In many areas avalanches may occur so it pays to be prepared. Always check Summary Avalanche forecasts for the areas you plan to visit before your ski tour. If you have any question about the day’s snow safety / avalanche conditions, it is wise to await better conditions. The mountains will always be there.